Dear readers,

It was a beautiful Monday morning, 26th of December, when we gathered around the office Christmas tree. Under it there were gifts for each of us, all wrapped and pretty, all with carefully written name tags on them. But let us start from the beginning, so that we can better explain the scene described above.

The holiday season reminds us of many things. Among them are family, friends and sometimes pure, good old fun. At SiteGround we know that all work and no fun can make a rep a dull boy/girl, and that’s why among other things we decided to reincarnate a tradition from our high school years called Secret Santa. This “game” is really simple and everyone wins. We wrote the names of each person from the sales team on a separate, small piece of paper. Rolled them all up, put them all in Santa’s hat and mixed them up. Then each of us took one out. When you read the name on the paper, you become that person’s Secret Santa, and by the 26th each of us had placed a carefully wrapped gift under the office Christmas tree. The budget for each gift was set around $20 (yes, some of us went a “little” over the limit, but can you really blame someone for giving too much :) ) and each of us had a week to pick out the presents.

We started this tradition 2 years ago. Since its initial success each following year has seen better preparation, a larger staff and this year – a brand new office. There is something else to note thought. This year the presents we gave each other seemed like something you would gift to a family member, or a close friend, it was obvious that each one was carefully picked and given a lot of thought to. All of us know how it feels like when the present you get is something meaningful to you, something that resembles you as a person and tells you that someone has been paying attention to what you say. You just rarely expect it from a coworker, let alone 24 of them. With the time the presents became more personal and the event more meaningful. We have been working together for years now, and we know each other, much like each of us knows our loyal customers and their needs, the people that we work with every day, around the clock. People from all over the world, each of them different in a special way.

To be honest, we wanted to take a lot of pictures for you. Pictures of the gifts, people’s reactions and emotions, the awkward moments and all that jazz, but… we kind of got lost in the moment and emotion and never came around to actually snap a shot. We promise to do it next year though. But we will share with you at least the one pre-event picture taken, so that you can see how happy we were just to get together one last time for this year.

We would also love to hear about your Christmas traditions, or about the gifts you got this year and which ones you like the most.

You are welcome to share it with us by leaving comments below. Let’s make this holiday season more fun for all of us, let’s share, that’s what the internet is for after all ;) .

We wish you all happy and safe Holidays and a Healthy New Year!

By Levi & Dimitar V. Dimitrov

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