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A couple of months ago we found out that one of the world’s most famous motivational speakers Sandro Forte was coming to Bulgaria for a lecture. I think it’s needless to say that here at SiteGround we are never short of motivation to learn new things and new ways to improve, so we booked a couple of tickets for the event right away. The date of the conference was already set- the 7-th of March and we eagerly awaited for that date to come so that we can meet the famous Sandro in person.

The day finally came- we got on early in the morning, put on our best suits and went to the event curious to find if all the hype towards it was really worth it. We were there 20 minutes earlier, drank a cup of coffee and took our seats as the lecture started.

At the beginning the crowd was very quiet and skeptical and Sandro Forte quickly realized that he was facing another tough gig. As the time passed by however more and more people started to engage in the lecture and our own star phone team member and sales employee of the year Ivan E. even won a couple of prices. In fact, nothing short of the truth, he won every possible price that was out there, Mr. Forte even thought that Ivan has already read his book or attended his lectures before (none of which is true by the way). Ivan even got to play throw and catch with Sandro in which activity he showed not only his fluent English, but his great athletic skills as well.

As the hours passed there came the time for a launch break. At the cafeteria, to our surprise, we saw that once Sandro filled his plate he started looking for an empty table to sit at. We saw the opportunity right away and quickly seized it: I personally went and asked the sales guru to do us the pleasure of sitting at our table and he accepted with no hesitation at all as well. Once we finished our meals we started talking on many different subjects: the topics varied from facial expressions to world economy and the lectures he did in China. We also exchanged a couple of interesting ideas about internal company training and so on while a little crowd formed behind us to listen the interesting conversion that we were having.

All in all: we found Sandro Forte to be a very inspirational person and we also made a new friend that day as well. And through it all we were thinking about you- our loyal customers and how to improve the service that you receive.

As to why we wrote this article: we simply wanted to take a moment of your time to keep you updated and to let you know that we are constantly thinking of how to improved ourselves as people and how to improve your customer service experience as well.

Best regards,
Dimitar V. Dimitrov

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